20 Jet Setting Celebs and their Girlfriends/Wives


The life of a celebrity means plenty of travel but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. These celebs live their jet setter lifestyle to the max, and it’s even better when they can bring their significant others along for company. If you’ve ever wondered how these celebs get through their hectic travel schedules and still look good doing it, then take a look at our favorite jet setter celebs and their girlfriends/wives.

1. Russell Brand and Katy Perry


Russell Brand and Katy Perry know how to travel in their own fab style. Here at Heathrow airport they can be seen getting ready to fly out on another adventure and they certainly look fashionable doing it. Although when you’ve always got cameras in your face it helps to always be camera ready. At least with how much traveling these two do, they have figured out how to look good and be comfortable doing it.