How to Stop Procrastination


Do Everything When You First Get It

Another big tip to help you stay on top of things is to do everything on the day you get it. For example, if you got a science homework today. Then, you should do it and finish it today. Therefore, if you are doing everything you need to on each specific day, then nothing will pile up and you won’t have to stay up as an all-nighter for maybe two days or so. As a result, by doing small things each day, you are allowing you to stop procrastination.


Prioritizing is a major tip for everyone. Prioritizing is putting something very important before something less significant. For example, computer vs homework. Of course, everyone would love to choose the computer and have a great time. However, which one is more important. Of course it is the homework. Remember, if you don’t want to stay up as an all-nighter and be organized, it is important to put important things first. Therefore, it is important to finish your homework before you go on the computer.

All in all, procrastination is never a good thing. It actually gives people more stress and pressure because you are putting everything off to the last minute. As a result, it is important to be on top of your work and be ahead and finish everything on time.