Kick A$$ Billionaire Women


Christy Walton

The first up on our list is Christy Walton who is worth $36.7 billion which she has inhereted through her late husband John Walton whose father founded Wal-Mart. She also holds shares in First Solar Company. She has held the title for wealthiest woman in the world for around four years- but has been battling back and forth for the title with our next wealthiest woman.

Lillaine Bettencourt

Bettencourt is the daughter of the founder of the L’Oreal makeup line, used to help run the company, and is the wealthiest person in France. She is worth $34.5 billion and is the largest shareholder for L’Oreal.

Pansy Ho

Ho is the co-chair of MGM China, owes much of her wealth to casinos, and even started her own firm at the age of twenty-six. Not bad for the daughter of a man with four wives and seventeen children. She is worth $5.4 billion.

Gina Rinehart

Not only is Rinehart the wealthiest woman in Australia, but also the continent’s biggest taxpayer. (Pretty impressive.) She is worth $17.7 billion and owes it all to the minning and coal business.

Laurene Powell Jobs

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Where did Steve Jobs’ fortune go? To his wife of course. She has $14 billion to her name, but it’s not just from the Apple company. She also holds over 130 million shares in Disney.

As for self-made female billionaires? Sadly, there aren’t as many as one would hope. However – they are out there. We have Rosalia Mera who is worth $6.1 billlion and is the co-founder of Inditex, a fashion reatailer. There’s Wu Yajun who is a journalist and property retailer in China. There’s also Diane Hendricks who does (who’d have guessed?) roofing here in the USA and is worth $3.8 billion. Then of course, there’s Doris Fischer who is the co-founder of Gap.

Watch out guys – the ladies are coming and you might learn a thing or two about business from them.