The 5 Highest Paying College Majors


Mechanial Engineering.

What do you do? You make tools, machines, and anything else that need mechanics. This is the major for those kids who always wanted to build their own robot. In the middle of your career you could earn over $99,000 a year.


It still includes some engineering and it’s awesome for those who loved ridiculous science experiments in class where you dropped stuff and could see if it would break or not. If you can get a job right out of college you could start at $49k a year and by the mid-point of your career you could earn up to $100k.

Computer Science

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This should come to no surprise to anyone. Everything we do is run by computers,, and cell phones. If you know how to work computers, develp programs, and fix bugs – there is a job out there for you!


Yes, one of the most hated subjects in elementary shool is actually one of the best to major in. People are always in need of others to teach, analyze profits, work through taxes, etc. Maybe it’s time to stop copying off of other people’s math homework and learn to do it on your own because you could be earning a pretty penny.

Graphic Design

Okay, you might not be earning the big bucks the way the other majors are. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, graphic design is everywhere. Online, books, TV, magazines, – even t-shirts are considered graphic design. There is a huge need for it if you’re willing to work.

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